You Can Get A Girl Scouts Thin Mints Seasoning Blend That You Can Sprinkle on Everything 

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What if I told you that the Girl Scouts are releasing yet another sweet treat that’s not a cookie, but rather inspired by one?

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If you would give up the promise to yourself to avoid sugary sweets or break your goal of omitting chocolate from your diet, because you’re not the only one.

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While Girl Scouts is not releasing another cookie to their line of irresistible sweet treats, they are releasing what’s called a seasoning blend that takes after the popular Thin Mints flavor!

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That’s right, similarly to Cinnamon Toast Crunch’s ‘Cinnadust’ blend or even like Snickers’ Shakers, this seasoning blend bottles up the taste of a Thin Mint so you can sprinkle it over anything.

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Thanks to B&G Foods and of course the Girl Scouts, this seasoning blend mixes dark cocoa, mint flavoring, and fine cookie crumbles to taste almost exactly like the cookie we all know and devour.

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Not to mention when the classic Thin Mints cookie packs sell out, your seasoning blend is the perfect backup!

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Dust this sweet seasoning blend over ice cream or even breakfast in the morning because there’s really no limit to what you can shake this seasoning blend on.

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Finally, an excuse to have cookies for breakfast, and you can find the Thin Mints Seasoning Blend at Sam’s Club for now, and stocked at other grocery stores later down the road.

Courtesy of @markie_devo

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