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Watch This Girl’s Reaction to the New Little Mermaid Trailer

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Have you heard? Disney has announced all sorts of new shows and movies!


One of those being, the highly anticipated live-action Little Mermaid movie.


In fact, we finally got a peak into the movie with the new Little Mermaid Trailer and if you weren’t in awe, you need to watch it again.


But before you do, you need to watch this girl’s reaction to the new Little Mermaid trailer. It will truly melt your heart.

In the TikTok video, you see the mom filming and yelling for her girls.

“Girls come here. I want you to see something”.

Both of her daughters come into the room and begin watching the trailer for the Little Mermaid.

At first, it just seems like the normal amount of excitement you see when watching a new movie trailer.

But as soon as Ariel comes onto the screen, her daughter starts yelling with excitement

“She’s black!”

“Momma, she’s black!”

The excitement and joy on the girls face says it all!

Seriously, this is the best thing ever. Inclusion and representation in the best way possible.


You can watch the sweetest video reaction below. It’s beautiful!

@workingmama My daughter’s reaction 😭 to the little mermaid trailer. #littlemermaidtrailer #representationmatters ♬ original sound – 💕 Workingmama💕

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