You Can Get Glowing Stones To Decorate Your Garden Or Walkways With and I Need Them

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Looking for an activity to do in your spare time or something extra to decorate your garden with? Well, I’ve got just the thing to show you all!

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This is definitely something that will get the neighbors attention if you want to show off! Nonetheless, you’ll have the fanciest looking house on the block!

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They’re called Gardening Luminous Glow Stones and they’re perfect if you want to add some pizzazz outdoors!

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You can get 300 stones that glow in the dark for only 17 bucks off Amazon! Plus these bad boys can last up to 3 full hours of glow time!

All they need is exposure of sunlight during the day so they can illuminate at night!

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There are multiple occasions these stones can be used to decorate with, here a few ideas!

  • Throw them in a flower vase to stash in your room or your potted plants outside to add some decoration!
  • Arrange the stones on the sides of your driveway, so whenever it’s a late night returning home, your walkway will always be beautifully light up!
  • Or put these stones at the bottom of your pool or surrounding your hot tub to brighten up the night when it’s time to go night swimming!

Not to mention, this is also a great arts and crafts activity for the kids to decorate with! Have fun!

Courtesy of Amazon

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