Go sit somewhere else… 

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I’m generally okay being around people. Like, if it’s a crowded room or whatever? I totally understand that we might be shoulder to shoulder, and put me on the rail of any sundown set because there is no better feeling…

Waiting Room with Green Sofas

But what I don’t understand is, when there’s plenty of open chairs in a space like the dmv or whatever— why do people always take the chair right next to me? 

What do they want? Is my never ending staring at the phone and laughter at how clever my own writing is just the thing that they need to know more about? 

I asked on Facebook, and the answers kind of shocked me honestly. 

I think this is just one of those things that goes back to knowing my own worth though. Right? Because like… I’m not someone who wants to sit next to someone normally, but maybe if I wanted to feel safe, or if the place got crowded it made me in control of who sat by me or whatever then that would be a good thing. 

And now this has me thinking. Is this a whole bear or man scenario? What is it that makes people sit next to you in a crowded room?

Women with Backpacks in Waiting Room

And is that your worth to then? I guess, to them it is. 

Because, after all, worth is what you want it to be, right? 

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