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You Can Get A Golden Girls Face Mask And I Need All Of Them

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Anyone else into super sassy ladies? I’m not going to lie, I had NEVER watched Golden Girls until last year. I don’t know how I’ve gone these past 30 years without them!

The Golden Girls

I was told that I reminded them of Dorothy so I had to take a look for myself to see if I was offended or not. And they were so right.


I have grown to love The Golden Girls, so to find out they have face masks now?!?! Um, yes please.


I need these in my life. They are the perfect amount of sass I need to express since my RBF is covered.


For only $14.99, you can score one mask with three layers of PM, or particulate matter, 2.5 filter. Kick in an extra 30 bucks and you can get two additional masks for a total of 9 filter layers.


There are 8 total styles that you can choose from, but let’s face it…I need all of them. And you probably do too.

Beautiful Peace Shop

This one above is my absolute favorite because you can tell people to back off without actually saying it. Let the Golden Girls do it for you!

Beautiful Peace Shop

Or the disapproving glare for those who would prefer the more subtle approach.

Beautiful Peace Shop

And of course there’s one for those who are always happy and smiling and can’t do so through their mask very well. If you haven’t perfected the art of smiling with your eyes, let Betty White do it for you!

Beautiful Peace Shop

And don’t forget my spirit animal, Dorothy, who even with her mask on, can style her RBF quite nicely. I need to work on my technique.

Beautiful Peace Shop

And if you can’t choose between all of the lovely ladies, just get the mask that has all of them on it…problem solved!

So run, don’t walk your way over to beautifulpeaceshop.com and snag these while you can! I may have to just buy them all out for myself. Sorry not sorry.

Beautiful Peace Shop

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  1. I ordered the masks back in May 2020 as of July 2020 I still have NOT received them

  2. I ordered the masks back in May 2020 and still have not received them

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