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You Can Get A Golden Girls Lego Set For The Fan That Has Everything

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I’m pretty certain that nearly 99.9% of all people (especially women) love the ‘Golden Girls’.

‘Golden Girls’ collectibles and accessories tend to sell out pretty quickly because the fanbase is so huge!

Well, if you are a ‘Golden Girls’ lover that is also obsessed with Legos… you have got to get this Golden Girls Lego Set!


This is a must-have gift for the Golden Girls fan in your life that already has pretty much everything!

This Golden Girls Lego set even comes packaged in a pink “Get It While It’s Hot” gift box, so it’s perfect for gift giving!


This is an unofficial, and unauthorized Golden Girls Lego set, while these are actual Legos, they’ve been customized to represent the Golden Girls.

The custom Golden Girls Lego set comes with everything shown in the photos!

What Is Included In the Golden Girls Lego Set?

Below you will find the product descriptions as they are described in the pre-sale listing:

  • Blanche Devereaux wearing signature red and Only On Your Back mirror. Hey, her mother was a slut too!
  • Rose Nylund with teddy bear, Fernando. Sometimes life just isn’t fair, kiddo! (Note: Rose’s face is reversible, so you can change from smile to an “ouch” when Dorothy whacks her with a newspaper.)
  • Sophia Patrillo with signature straw purse. Picture it. Sicily. 1922.
  • Dorothy Zbornak with newspaper (crossword puzzle completed in ink) ready to whack Rose on the head after another St. Olaf story. She could vomit just looking at you. (Note: Dorothy’s face is reversible, so you can change from smirk to a smile when Stan leaves.)
  • Stanley Zbornak with therapy monkey, Fifi, and toupee. He’ll tell you what’s wrong with him, if you tell him what’s wrong with you.
  • Complete Living Room Set: 2 wicker chairs, sofa, coffee table, side table, rug w/ fringe, cheese cake, and flowers.

I love that all of the individual character props, as well as the living room furniture and rug set, is included!


These are custom and some pieces and colors may vary depending on availability.

The Golden Girls Lego set has been so popular that they are currently sold out, however, GoldenGirlsMerch is open for preorders for the next batch right now!


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