Good Humor Now Has Ice Cream Bars That Taste Like Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Pop-Tarts

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It seems like everytime I turn around recently, someone is doing something GREAT with ice cream.

Klondike is coming out with Donut Ice Cream Bars. Ben & Jerry’s has a Netflix & Chill flavor. Drumstick is bringing out a new Crushed It! Ice Cream Bar, that will have a cookie coating. Also, TWIX is coming out with a new Cookies & Creme Ice Cream Bar. It’s a good time to love ice cream!

And now Good Humor has teamed up with Pop-Tarts to bring us Brown Sugar Cinnamon Dessert Bars!

I am already drooling over the crunch, taste and texture of this new ice cream bar. I do love a good crunchy coating and creamy texture on the inside…

I’m serious when I say, GIMME!!

My favorite ice cream truck treat are the Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake bars that look alot like these. They are hella good! These NEW ice cream bars have to be pretty similar — but brown sugar cinnamon.

Via Good Humor

I am a HUGE fan of the brown sugar cinnamon Pop-Tarts! OMG. Warmed up, right out of the toaster. I could die happy. Forget breakfast, I’ll take these ANY time of the day!

Courtesy of Walmart

Can I get an, “AMEN!”

Courtesy of Walmart

The description on these ice cream bars is not very clear, but it looks like there are THREE layers this Good Humor / Pop-Tart collab.

The middle layer looks like it could be cinnamon ice cream? Then then it is surrounded by, what appears to be a layer of vanilla ice cream. The outer layer look like it is maybe a brown sugar and cinnamon crust?

Featuring quality ingredients including dairy from cows that have never been treated with artificial growth hormones, this ice cream bar is a great choice for those who like fudgesicles, ice pops and other dairy desserts — and promises to tickle your taste buds even if you usually indulge in more premium ice creams

Good Humor

Whatever the layers are, they look like they belong shoved right in my mouth! Don’t they look good?!?

There is also no word on when these fantastical ice cream bars will be gracing the shelves in the ice cream aisle of our grocery stores. They are already on the Good Humor website, so I’d say, be looking for them soon!

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