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These Gothic Skull Candle Holders Are The Perfect Touch Of The Macabre That Your House Needs For Halloween

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You can get your own Skull Decorative Candle Holders, and I’m not quite sure if they are wicked cool or devilishly creepy. Maybe a little of both.


I typically like all things skull, it’s my prefered decoration for the Halloween season. But, I usually prefer my skulls to be of the sugar variety – like these Sugar Skull Boots that I’m totally in love with!


But, I have to admit, these Gothic Skull Candle Holder Decorations are pretty badass.

These are so cool! They are totally perfect for Halloween, or you can add to your gothic home decorations for that spooky vibe.


The Skull Candle Holders are about 15cm by 10cm. Just large enough to show off your creepy side, but not so big that they are going to dominate everything on your wall.

This particular one is white, so it has that creepy, just dug up feel. But, you can also choose a beige skull as well! Gah!! It’s so hard to decide which one to get!! Maybe you should do one of each. *Wink*


These Gothic Skull Wall Decorations do not come with candles, so you have to provide those for yourself. Might I suggest a candle of the flameless variety. You can pick some of these Flameless Candles on the Amazon website.


Each Skull may each vary slightly in color, because computer monitors tend to vary just a bit in color tones. So, don’t be surprised if it is a little lighter or darker than you thought it was going to be.


This shop is chock full of awesome Halloween decor. Make sure that once you click over to check out this Gothic Skull Candle Holder, you also check out all of the other products the shop has to offer.

You can get your own Gothic Skull Decorative Candle Holders for 50 bucks from the MinaDecorArt shop on Etsy.


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