Green Giant Released Cauliflower Breadsticks For The Cheesiest Veggies Ever

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I’m usually not the type of person to gravitate towards mozzarella sticks, I will pick anything else off of the menu first before I resort to eating them.

Sounds harsh I know, but I’m just now starting to reconsider my thoughts after seeing this new product from Green Giant.


Starting with Cauliflower as their main ingredient, Green Giant has turned the popular appetizer into healthy breadsticks.


Recently I’ve seen an abundance of people on TikTok use Cauliflower as a replacement ingredient to turn a recipe that usually’s fattening such as wings and turn it into something healthy!

Introducing Cauliflower Breadsticks from Green Giant!

Courtesy of Green Giant

They come in two flavors, Original and Garlic and let me tell you that the Garlic flavor is singing my name

Courtesy of Green Giant

With six breadsticks in each frozen pack, this is the perfect addition to add to your dinner plate!


You can find Green Giant’s new product in a variety of stores, or you can use the locator tool on their website to help track down the healthy snack!


This looks like the beginning of a new found friendship between my myself and these breadsticks, I’m buying them ASAP.


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