You Can Now Make Grilled Cheese In Your Toaster Using These Special Bags

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We’ve all thought about it. It would be SO much easier if we could make grilled cheese in the toaster instead of the stovetop.

I’ve seen a few “hacks” here and there. Like toast your bread, and melt your cheese in the microwave and then combine. Talk about messy.

I’ve also heard that if you turn your toaster sideways, you can cook grilled cheese in there without the cheese making a mess…but that seems WAY too unpredictable and not worth the risk.

So I’ve just been cooking it on the stove top like everyone else, against my will. But I think it’s safe to say we’d all make more grilled cheese if there were a faster option. Now there is.

Introducing…toaster bags. Something so stinking simple that I can’t believe we’re just now thinking of it.

Now you can make grilled cheese, grilled sandwiches, grilled ANYTHING…ok maybe not anything, but you could at least try, in the toaster.

These awesome toaster bags are available on Amazon for easy purchasing! And they are reusable so it is definitely worth the purchase!

Just make whatever sandwich you want, slider it in one of these toaster bags, and you have a safely toasted sandwich!

You could even fit a slice of pizza in these bags…just saying. Toaster strudels would be easier to feed to your kiddos with this mess-free eating option. I’m telling you, the ideas are endless on how to use these bags!

These bags are reusable up to 50 times and are a little over 6 inches each way.

I am definitely putting these on my Amazon list.

My husband loves toasted sandwiches and I have two toddlers so this is a super easy way to make grilled cheese and other toasted options!

You can get these Grilled Cheese Bags Here.

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