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Turns Out, Ground Cinnamon Can Get Rid Of Ants In Your Garden. Here’s How.

Growing a garden doesn’t come easy, especially when you lack a green thumb or when animals and insects decide to eat your hard work over the past few months for breakfast.

Ants can be a big part of destruction when it comes to eating your garden for breakfast, lunch and or dinner; so in order to steer away the tiny critters, your kitchen spice cabinet is key.

There’s a good chance that you already have a certain spice that can deter away ants from your garden this summer.

Hint: This spice usually pairs well with baked goods or yogurt parfaits!

Courtesy of @Stacey Thompson

As it turns out, ground cinnamon can be used for more than just adding flavor to your meals; the common kitchen spice can also be used for getting rid of ants!

So the next time you see ants roaming your garden, grab the ground cinnamon from the pantry and sprinkle it over your plants!

Unlike humans, ants can’t stand the sweet spice.

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