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This Guitar Shaped Fire Pit Is Perfect For The Music Lover In Your Life

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There isn’t much that is more enjoyable to me than sitting outside at night by the fire pit.

So relaxing and it’s the perfect space for family time and even a jam session!

MAACMetalCraft – Etsy

If you love music and want a super unique fire pit, then this guitar-shaped fire pit is the fire pit for you.

This is definitely a conversation piece and I’m sure your friends will be trying to sneak it home with them when you aren’t looking.

MAACMetalCraft – Etsy

This Guitar Chiminea will complete the backyard space with style while keeping you toasty warm!

MAACMetalCraft – Etsy

The guitar-shaped fire pit is made of 16 gauge steel so it’s super sturdy while still being light and easy to move around your yard as well as storing it when not needed.

MAACMetalCraft – Etsy

The steel color naturally weathers over time, giving it a rusted patina that looks amazing.

The Guitar Chiminea is 41 inches tall, 13 inches long, and 16 inches wide.

MAACMetalCraft – Etsy

I’m sure this goes without being said, but these days you never know… sooooo the fire pit is for OUTDOOR USE ONLY.

MAACMetalCraft – Etsy

You also don’t want to place it on a deck or on anything plastic because it will get extremely hot.

You can buy your own handmade guitar fire pit from MAACMetalCraft on Etsy!

MAACMetalCraft – Etsy

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