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This Guy Ordered A McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin But Ended Up With A Bag Full of Money

What in the actual heck??

This dude went through the McDonald’s DriveThru to get a Sausage McMuffin, but ended up with WAY more than he asked for.

He didn’t actually get his Sausage McMuffin, but what he got was a tough decision.

See, the McDonald’s DriveThru worker handed him a big ol’ bag. It was OBVIOUSLY too big for just the guy’s breakfast.


What was in the bag?

Get this. The ENTIRE McDonald’s deposit for the morning!


As in, all the money out of their registers that was SUPPOSED to go to the bank.

What a conundrum, right!

I mean, a less honest person would have seized the opportunity, and gone straight to the car dealership with the cash in hand.

But, Josiah Vargas is quite the upstanding, honest individual.


He says a few cursies — which, can you really blame him? — but then he walks back into the McDonald’s and gives them their money back. All of it.


As you can imagine, the workers are beyond grateful. They are falling all over themselves to give him hugs and thanks.

Man, this could have turned out so much worse for those McDonald’s employees!!

For his act of honesty, Josiah is going to get free McDonald’s for a month, and a $200 Thank-You Bonus.


Not too shabby, right?

Goes to show you, honesty really is the best!!

To see Josiah’s entire TikTok video you can go HERE.