This Half Christmas Tree Keeps Decorations Up And Away From Kids And Pets

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I absolutely love to decorate for Christmas. All the ornaments, lights, bows, and tinsel that go along with with decorating the Christmas Tree are something I look forward to all year.

Via Argos

Unfortunately my animals also love the decorations — especially the tree!

Argos has come up with a genius solution to enjoy a Christmas tree, but keep the kitties and dogs out of the branches. No more broken ornaments from animals ravaging the tree!!

The HALF Christmas tree is the perfect answer to combating the household animals. You still get the beauty of decorating for Christmas, but you don’t have to worry about broken ornaments, eaten tinsel, and mangled Christmas lights.

This half tree also works well if you have toddlers that you want to keep out of the Christmas Tree. Those branches are up where they can’t get them!

Of course, my children would see it as a chance to pile more gifts under the tree. Good try, kids!

Unfortunately, this awesome 6-foot tree is only available in the UK right now. I know, bummer, right?!?

We NEED this in the United States, too! I wonder if they ship internationally.

This tree runs £45.00, which is about $58 U.S. I don’t know if you’ve priced Christmas Trees lately, but that is EXCELLENT. I’m jealous.

The half tree from Argo weighs 6kg — about 13 pounds — and has 733 tips. That means, the half of the tree that is there is full and beautiful!

It is made of PVC, with a fiberglass stand. It’s so easy to set up with its hinged branches. Seriously, I want one.

Well, all you lucky folks in the U.K., enjoy the half Christmas Tree, and bring me one for next year.

Via Argos

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  1. What about the kittens jumping up into the tree that’s my biggest problem with animals. My cats literally jump or climb into my tree and knock it over. But I love this idea it’s so cute and beautiful but does it really refrain them from destroying?