Halloween Cookie Kit

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Getting ready for a Halloween party with kids can be stressful enough (I’m talking to you, grease paint), but trying to decide on a fun craft or activity doesn’t have to be with this Halloween Cookie Kit. Whether you’re serving ghosts or pirates, or even bigger kids who pretend not to care about Halloween (but really do), this cookie kit is fun for all. Bonus: if you don’t want to fuss with the mess of clean-up, you can always send this home with your happy tricksters as a party favor. Have fun!

halloween cookie kit

What You Need To Make A Halloween Cookie Kit:

Halloween Cookie Kit

How To Make A Halloween Cookie Kit:

Getting treats ready for a party doesn’t have to be hard! Start with pre-made chocolate chip cookie dough to make preparing easy peasy. I like to cook our cookies in a whoopie-pie pan to make nice, round cookies the perfect size for decorating. Bake the cookies according to the package directions and allow to cool completely.

Halloween Cookie Kit

While the cookies are baking and cooling, tint the frosting orange. You will need 4 drops of yellow food coloring to every 1 drop of red food coloring.  

Once the frosting is tinted, spoon into a small container for packing. These icing containers are perfect! They are inexpensive and can be thrown away or recycled once they are empty.  

Halloween Cookie Kit

It’s time to start packing your treat bags.

Halloween Cookie Kit

Pour a bit of candy into the bottom of each bag. You can use whatever candy you would like, just make sure it’s small enough to fit on the cookie! We used Reese’s Pieces because of the fun fall colors.

Halloween Cookie Kit

Next add in your cooled cookie and frosting.  

Don’t forget a spoon to help spread the icing.  

Halloween Cookie Kit

Tie your bag together and you are ready! Have fun!

Halloween Cookie Kit


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  1. where did you get the silver disc shown inside bottom of bag in picture

  2. This is a wonderful idea! It looks so cute in the bag too! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi, these are great! So cute! What did you place at the bottom of treat bags prior to packing? A piece of cardboard?

    1. I’ve done all sorts of things, and even nothing at all. I think it just depends on your cookies.

  4. YUM is right
    These are fabulously creative

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