This Halloween Projector Displays Creepy Images On Your Windows To Turn Your House Into A Haunted One

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Ever wonder what it’s like to live in a Haunted House? Say no more!

This Halloween Projector Displays Creepy Images To Turn Your House Into A Haunted One and It’s Perfect for Halloween!

You can totally freak out your neighbors and all the trick-or-treaters with this special Halloween projector.

This projector is super easy to set up and can be done in matter of minutes.

Just plug-in, attach your semi-transparent screen to your window or door and turn on when it’s dark outside.

You can then choose from 5 different pre-recorded illusions including Ghosts and Wraiths.

Once chosen, your spooky illusion will begin displaying on your transparent screen. This screen works in a variety of windows and doors in your home.

In addition to the images displayed, it has 10 Watt speakers to play spooky sounds to go along with each illusion. Plus, it has 4 hours of projection on the rechargeable battery!

I think my favorite thing of all is that this projector is portable and much smaller in size than you’d expect especially for the quality it outputs. I’ve looked at these Halloween projectors before and was shocked at not only the size of the device, but the price as well.

When it is not Halloween, you can play any movies/shows/media from your laptop, phone, or other devices. Isn’t that awesome?!

The Halloween Projector runs around $160 while the semi-transparent projector screen runs right around $30.

Both are a must-have if you are wanting to take Halloween to the next level!

You can find this Halloween Projector on the Aaxa Technologies website here and on the Amazon website here.

You can also check out the video of me using it in my home below.


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