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This Halo Emergency Power Charger Is A Game Changer For Your Vehicle And Mine Is On Its Way

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Is it too late to add something to my Christmas list?

OMG. You have to check this out.

This is the Halo Charger. It doesn’t look like much. But, just wait!


This Halo Charger is a must-have for every single car on the road.

I don’t want to overstate just how awesome this little gadget is, but it’s dang near close to having AAA in your trunk.


Sure, it can’t give you a tow or change a tire, but it sure can do just about everything else that you want or need.

This one little Halo Charger has the ability to jump-start your car. You don’t need another car to stop and help you.


I, ligit, could have used this yesterday. It would have turned a 2-hour ordeal into a 5-minute task.

But, just wait. It does way more than just jump your car.

Need to give a flat tire a bit of air? Yup. It can do it.


Check that tire pressure? Uh-huh. It sure can.

Maybe you need to charge your phone or other device? You best bet the Halo Charger can do that.


Do you have something with a standard plug, and can’t get to an outlet? Just plug it into the Halo.


Using the interchangeable nozzles, you can even use the Halo Charger to inflate balls, air mattresses, or anything else that needs air.

It even has a bright flood light, so you can do it all in the dark if you are stranded!

I’m just gonna go ahead and say, if you don’t have one of these things in your car, you just might be crazy.

With as much driving as you do — work, errands, running the kids to all the things, vacations — it’s almost irresponsible not to bring the Halo Charger with you.


Now, you can get a couple versions of this Halo Charger.


One comes with a standard outlet, one doesn’t.

The Halo Bolt Air Portable Emergency Power Kit will run you about $130.


You can get the HALO Bolt Air + for about $167.


To get your own Halo Emergency Power Charger, head on over to the Amazon website.


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