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People Are Making Hanging Skeletons Baskets That Are Perfect for Halloween

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If you’re looking for a way to up your Halloween decoration game this year, this DIY is the perfect way to do so!

People on TikTok are making hanging jail cells with skeletons that are stuck inside and the idea passes the spooky checklist with flying colors.

Not to mention this Halloween project is super simple to make and even more affordable!

To start, you’ll need to grab two baskets from the Dollar Tree, a few zip ties, spray paint (preferably black), a chain from the Halloween store and of course, a skeleton.

Courtesy of @missmarymac14

Spray paint the two baskets black or if you’re lucky enough to find two black baskets, you can skip this part!

Courtesy of @alexblaney4

Next, you’ll want to place your skeleton inside the two baskets either sitting down, with one arm hanging out from one side or maybe a foot dangling at the bottom.

Courtesy of @alexblaney4

Zip tie the two baskets together to enclose your skeleton.

Attach the chain and you’re done!

Hang from a tree, attach to the living room ceiling or anywhere else you see fit for Halloween this year!

Courtesy of @missmarymac14

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