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This Hanging Skull Planter Is The Coolest Way To Decorate For Halloween

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These are so cool! Perfect for Halloween, or just to add to your spooky home decorations if that is your thing! It is a hanging skull planter!


Each one takes 19 hours to make! Craziness! They are 7 centimeters and have a black chain that is 40 centimeters. The chain has a hook at the top and you can hang it anywhere you would like.


This particular one is bronze so it has a metallic shine, but she has listings for other colors as well! So you can pick out exactly what you want to match your home decor. They also offer them in other sizes!


The skull hanging planter does not come with any plants or props. Each one is 3D printed and handmade. They may each vary slightly from what is shown due to being a handmade product.


This shop is full of cool items. Make sure that once you click over to check out this hanging skull planter that you also click to view all of the other products that they offer.


You can purchase your own bronze hanging skull planter from DashOfCuriosity on Etsy for only $32.89! I absolutely love these and I know of several friends that would as well!


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