This Is What Happens When McDonald’s Employees All Walk Out On The Same Shift

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McDonald’s is having a tough go of it recently when it comes to keeping employees — you know — inside the building.

Just last week, there was a McDonald’s in Louisville, Kentucky that had to close up shop in the middle of doing business.

The night manager decided to quit on the spot, leaving nobody there to actually run the store!

Today, workers at another McDonald’s took to TikTok to document their decision to “peace out” — like ALL of them — and the restaurant was left empty.

TikTok user @zoey.isback posted a video at the scene of the mass exodus, and she captioned the photo, “When everyone quit unexpectedly at the same time.”

(Please excuse the photos — it was a VERY fast a shaky video)

A sign was haphazardly scribbled on a napkin, and stuck to the front door: “Everyone Quit. We are closed.”

Zoey posted in the comments that, “the store was ran by teenagers and it was a terrible work space.”

Does that really mean that everyone just walks out, leaving customers and management high and dry?

I have worked in some awful environments before — retail sucks, man — but I have always lived by the phrase “suck it up buttercup.”

You have a job to do, so just do it. Then you can make your plans to leave whilst you are doing the best at your job that you can possibly do.

There was a follow-up video posted after the rapid departure of every single store employee.

This video shows a group of people — I’m assuming employees, as they are all dressed the same — peering in the windows of the McDonald’s location.

We also get a very quick clip INSIDE the McDonald’s — maybe before the “incident,” as I’m sure it’s now being called — where someone is saying they aren’t going to clean, because, and I quote, “hall nah tf I been quit.”

Lately, there seems to be a rash of fast-food employees walking out on the job — or “rage quitting” if you will.

The workers seem to be frustrated about low wages and crappy working conditions, and I get it.

But, this problem seems to be getting worse — have you been to any fast-food establishment recently? The lines are crazy long, and the service is hella slow.

That’s because, they can’t keep employees in the restaurants working.

I really don’t know what the answer is. You have to pay people a good wage, in order to get quality people — and the people working have to show some initiative if they want to be paid more. It’s a vicious cycle.

I will say, these TikTok videos are pretty satisfying for anyone who has ever fantasized about walking out on their job in the middle of their shift. LOL!!

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