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You Can Get A Harry Potter Hogwarts Tree Topper, ACCIO IT TO ME!

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Just LOOK at this AH-MAZING Hogwarts TREE TOPPER from Hallmark!!

Hogwarts is magical and enchanting year round, but its a special kind of charming at Christmas.


This Tree Topper will be sought after by every young student of witchcraft, whether Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff alike.

Via Hallmark

The BEST part of this Christmas gem?

It plays music and sound just like magic!

It not only plays Hedwig’s Theme, but it interacts with special Harry Potter Storytellers ornaments when they are connected to the castle.

Of course, each ornament is sold separately.


This awesome castle is $119.99, and will be treasured for years to come!


The Harry Potter Story Tellers Collection ornaments run $29.99 a piece, and you will want them all! Each interacts differently with the castle, giving you a unique Harry, Ron, or Hermione experience.

Check them out in Hallmark stores, or at Hallmark.com.

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