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Have You Ever Wondered Why Cranberry Sauce Cans Are Upside Down?

I am overly obsessed with all things cranberry, so when I realized that all the cans of cranberry sauce were actually labeled upside down, I had to find out why.

Cranberry Sauce


Well, as it turns out there is actually a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why cranberry sauce cans are upside down.

upside down cranberry sauce

You see, when the cans are put together, there is a little air bubble at the “bottom” of the can. (You can kind of see it by looking at the lip.) When you open the can upside down like this, it makes it easier for the cranberry to come out all in one piece, so you get that perfect cranberry-in-a-can-that’s-not-actually-still-in-the-can look we all know and love.

cranberry sauce

So that’s it– It’s all to make your Thanksgiving easier! Which, I am all about making Thanksgiving easier!

thankgiving hacks

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