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You Can Get A Heated Car Seat Cushion For The Person Who Is Always Cold

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It is FINALLY getting to be that time of year where there is a bit of bite in the air, and heaters are about to become a necessity.

I LOVE this time of year!!

One place, though, that I am always cold is in my car. Now, I’m not fancy enough to have built-in heated car seats in my car, but those would be SO NICE!!


You know what I CAN get? This heated seat cushion that can be placed right in my car, onto my existing seat. It turns any boring, freezing cold car seat into a heated slice of perfection for those chilly fall and winter days.

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This heated cushion turns your backside from frigid to warm in about a minute, and can heat all the way up to 140 degrees fahrenheit.

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For you safety, the heated seat cushion is equipped with a protection thermostat that keeps the cushion from overheated. When the temperature reaches what you chose, it will automatically stop increasing and constantly keep the temperature you want. Once the temperature gets lower, the heater will work automatically again to rise the heat up.

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You can choose any temperature between 86 degrees and 140 degrees. You can increase or decrease the temperature every 3 degrees (c) as you desire.

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The heated seat cushion fits most standard car seats, and attaches at the top with an elastic band that goes over the headrest. There is also non-slip rubber on the backside that helps to keep it secured to the seat.

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You can get your own Heated Car Seat Cushion right on the Amazon website. It is only $41, and you can choose from three colors: Black, Grey, and Beige.

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While you are on the Amazon website, you should also check out this heated cushion that you can use anywhere from your chair at work to those outdoor ball practices for your kids. It is EXCELLENT.

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