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Why The Heck Do We Call It a Love Triangle?

Okay, so a big part of a lot of novels I read (and write) is the classic love triangle. It’s so fun because there’s automatic conflict and someone ends up having to make a big important choice.

You have three major players in the triangle. Now, I am not saying it’s always the same, but most of the time it’s pretty similar.

(You can enlarge the pictures to read the type.)

That pretty much sets up your classic triangle. The thing about the triangle though, is that it requires a mutual attraction to work. Sort of a give and take if you will.

You see the problem, don’t you? Um… what the heck? There is an obvious problem here. The bad boy and the good guy–yeah, they don’t have a crush on each other. In fact–they probably hate each other. Big time.

This triangle thing doesn’t work at all. Who came up with this crap? Why is this like common literature knowledge? We need a new name, a new system…a new something!

I propose to you the love point. I thought about turning it upside down and calling it the love V, but um–I think that’s something else.

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