Here’s 7 Sports Documentaries On Netflix That You Need To Watch Even If You Don’t Love Sports

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Y’all. Netflix is where it’s at lately!

I started watching CHEER — you know — that little Netflix docuseries about the Navarro Cheerleaders that has EXPLODED into a phenomenon. BUT, I couldn’t stop there!

After a little bit of digging, I found that Netflix has some SUPER stellar sports documentaries, and I’ve lost HOURS watching them.

Now, I don’t even LIKE sportsball, but a lot of these documentaries don’t have anything to do with a ball. There’s figure skating — my favorite — biking, boxing, hockey, dog sledding, golf, — okay, there’s some football and basketball thrown in there for all you die-hards.

So, Here Are The Documentaries You Need To Watch On Netflix!

1) Of course, I’m starting with CHEER. If you haven’t watched this show, you are really missing out! Follow the Navarro Cheerleaders as they try to make it to nationals in Daytona, FL. You will be HOOKED from the very first episode. You will also get to see what EVERYONE is talking about when the mention Jerry and his “mat talk!”

2) Losers is, perhaps, my FAVORITE new docuseries on Netflix. Sometimes in sports, it’s all about the winners, but THIS series focuses on the people who you’ve HEARD about, but that didn’t quite make it into that winners circle. It uses interviews, actual footage, and also animation to tell the stories you will WANT to see.

3) Icarus deals with the Russian Doping Scandal at the 2012 Summer Olympics. It starts out being a documentary meant to deal with athletes who take performance enhancing drugs — but it uncovers so much more. I, literally could not stop watching!

4) Tyson is a documentary about — you guessed it — Mike Tyson. It’s not ALL about the boxing. It is about the man, his tumultuous relationships, his mistakes, how he went to jail, and so much more. It is a must-see, even if you don’t necessarily follow boxing.

5) If you liked CHEER, you are going to LOVE Last Chance U. I’m going to tell you right now, it is ADDICTIVE! It follow a group of athletes at a Mississippi Junior College. But, this isn’t just ANY Junior College! These Football players are the troublemakers, the ones who have flunked out of school, that have been kicked out, or were forced out. It gives them one last chance at redemption.

6) Ice Hockey “enforcers” are the guys that everyone knows about, but nobody really talks about. Ice Guardians follows these enforcers, and delves into the world of the sometimes brutal sport of Ice Hockey.

7) Killer Inside: The Mind Of Aaron Hernandez is the story of — well, Aaron Hernandez — who was an up and coming football legend. A couple bad choices, however, ended him up in prison, and derailed his life. This docuseries can be pretty intense at times, but is one you will not want to stop watching!

You will HAVE to let me know what you think. ALSO, if you have any great documentary suggestions, I must hear them!!

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