Here’s A List Of Stores To Check Out When Your Grocery Store Is Out Of Food

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So, you’ve gone to your local Walmart or Food Lion, and they are TOTALLY OUT of the food you need to quarantine yourself at home for two or more weeks.

drive yourself crazy super fast

What do you do?

Here are some alternative ideas to your local grocery store, that just might have what you’re looking for.

Dollar Tree – Dollar tree carries a lot of food. Some stores even have a refrigerated section.


TJ Max – Usually back in the Home Decoration section, you will find an aisle of food hidden away like a secret gem. Go check it out!


Walgreens – They carry milk, freezer foods, refrigerated foods, and usually have at least two aisles of staple foods. You can even find things like laundry detergent, deodorant, toothpaste, kids games, and *fingers crossed* toilet paper.


CVS – See “Walgreens” above. They are about the same.


Gas Stations – This can be a hidden treasure trove. Many gas stations carry milk, water, and even some staples like crackers, pretzels, etc.


Amazon.com – It’s Amazon. You know you can usually find ANYTHING. The site is pretty picked over, but you may be able to find something you need.

Dollar General – Great place to grab a needed pantry supply!


Family Dollar – See “Dollar General” above. They are about the same.


Local Mexican Market – You may not think about heading to your local Mexican Market, but they have everything from milk, to fresh produce, to bags of bulk items.

Local Asian Market – See “Mexican Market” above. They are about the same.

Local Butcher Shop – You may hit the jackpot by going to your local butcher shop. Of course, they have meat, but some sell products that you would normally find at your grocery store.


Wholesome-Essentials.com – This is a great place to find meat substitutes, bulk products, etc.


Boxed.com – You can buy a whole plethora of items here. Think Amazon, but on a smaller scale.

Courtesy of Boxed.com

Nutstop.com – Find all kinds of dry nuts and beans here.

Bulkfoods.com – You can find dry pastas, dry vegetable, and dry beans here.

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