Here’s The Identity of Every Masked Singer From This Season

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If you’re anything like me, you were hooked on The Masked Singer. It was seriously one of those family-friendly shows that had you on the edge of your seat.

It didn’t matter if you were in it for Jenny McCarthy’s bangin’ bod (she’s 46 and looks that good, by the way) or to watch the rabbit do his tick thing. YOU WATCHED UNTIL THE LAST SECOND because you HAD to know who was behind the masks!

The first masked singer unveiled was Hippo!

Antonio Brown. (He’s a NFL player. I have to be honest, I had never heard of him.)

The second masked singer unveiled was Pineapple.

Tommy Chong! (Yes, of Cheech and Chong. Can you believe this guy is 80 years old?)

The third masked singer to be unveiled was Deer

Terry Bradshaw! (Okay, I knew this former NFL player, at least!)

The fourth masked singer unveiled was Poodle.

Margaret Cho (I was so sure this one was Kathy Griffin. So. Sure.)

The fourth masked singer unveiled was Unicorn.

Tori Spelling. (I have never been more excited to see Donna.)

The fifth masked singer unveiled was Raven.

Ricki Lake. (Side note: I was voted most likely to be the next Ricki Lake in high school.)

The sixth masked singer unveiled was Alien.

Latoya Jackson (I have nothing cute to say here. I was freakin’ shocked.)

The seventh masked singer unveiled was Lion.

Rumer Willis (I don’t really know too much about her other than she has famous parents and does a lot on Instagram. Turns out she can sing, though.)

The eighth masked singer unveiled was Rabbit.

Joey Fatone (I was secretly hoping this one was Donnie Wahlberg, but Joey Fatone is just as good!)

The ninth masked singer unveiled was Bee

Gladys Knight (Yes, a living LEGEND was dressed up like a bee singing on television. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.)

The tenth masked singer unveiled was Peacock

Donny Osmond. (I had all my money on Neal Patrick Harris for this one. I was SURE OF IT.)

And the WINNER of the first season of masked singer was Monster.

T-Pain. (My husband actually called this one several episodes ago. I did NOT believe him, but he was SURE of it. I still can’t believe he got it right!)

Oh and if you’re wondering if there will be a season two…

Can’t. Wait.

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