Hershey’s Says It Won’t Be Able To Meet The Candy Demand This Halloween And I’m Shook

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Oh no. This is not a drill, people. Hershey’s says it won’t be able to meet Halloween demand for candy this year.

Shortages are the new normal around these parts. And by “These Parts,” I mean pretty much the entire U.S. of A.

It started with the toilet paper shortage of 2020, and it’s kind of just gone downhill from there.

Tampons, Sriracha, Sugar, Baby Formula, Cake, Chicken Tenders, Cookies, Coins — the list of shortages just goes on and on.

Now, Hershey’s is jumping (rather involuntarily) on the shortages bandwagon, and this is not okay.

According to CNN, Hershey’s is having some production issues, and it’s going to be affecting available levels of Halloween candy.

Apparently, there was a surge for candy during the quarantine, and that uptick in candy sales has kinda held on.

That is where the problem lies.

See, Hershey’s uses the same equipment for regular candy that it does for Halloween candy. They can’t ramp up production of Halloween candy without sacrificing regular candy production — and that’s not going to happen.

We had a strategy of prioritizing everyday on-shelf availability. — That was a choice that we needed to make. — It was a tough decision.

Michele Buck, Hershey CEO

Hershey’s is now planning ahead. They are adding candy manufacturing lines, but they won’t be up and running for a couple years.

That still means a Hershey’s candy shortage for THIS Halloween.

Of course, there are still other candies out there: M&Ms, Skittles, Brachs, (insert your favorite candy here).

But, let’s be honest. Hershey’s is a huge player in the world of tasty candy.

So basically, you want to stock up on Reese’s, KitKats, Twizzlers, Hershey Kisses, and other Hershey’s candies. They may not be readily available in the coming months.

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