Hershey’s Chocolate Drink Maker Brews a Perfect Hot Cup of Cocoa Every Single Time and I Need It

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You could say that Hershey’s is an expert of hot chocolate, if not the expert.

Considering that Hershey’s chocolate practically makes up a hot cup of cocoa when you make it, why not ask the chocolatiers themselves on how to craft the perfect cup!

Introducing Hershey’s Chocolate Drink Maker, should I say more?

Courtesy of Five Below

Just like the coffee maker you have right at home, this chocolate machine brews an excellent hot cup of cocoa for the winter and iced milk chocolate in the summer!

Courtesy of Five Below

Like a pro barista, this drink maker includes a frother to blend your hot or cold chocolate drink into a delicate creamy consistency featuring bold notes of chocolate that are never ending, until you reach the bottom of the cup that is.

We recommend using Hershey’s chocolate syrup, cocoa powders, and extra creamy whipped cream to create your steaming cup of chocolate bliss.

Courtesy of @ashley_lyuro

With included Hershey’s cups decorated in chocolate bars found at the end of every colorful rainbow, you can find this sweet chocolate drink machine on Amazon for $15.

Courtesy of Amazon

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