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Hershey’s New Milk Chocolate Candy Bar Has Salted Caramel Cookie Pieces And It’s My New Favorite

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Hershey’s has a milk chocolate candy bar that also has bits of salted caramel cookie embedded in the chocolate, and there is NO WAY I’m not putting this in my shopping cart.

THIS is why I can’t lose weight. Ha! Hershey’s chocolate bars are my absolute favorite, but mix them with salted caramel cookie, and my mind is pretty much blow. So is my diet.

These candy bars have been spotted at Walmart, and there is some thought that they are exclusive to Walmart, but we don’t really have confirmation on that.

My advice is to get them at Walmart NOW, and you can see if they drop in your local grocery store later. That way, you can already be enjoying your candy bar in the interim before it hopefully turns up at your favorite grocery store.

The Walmart website has this delicious KING size candy bar listed for $1.48, but they go super duper fast — duh, they are the perfect candy bar — just try and prove me wrong!

Courtesy of Hershey’s

Another piece of good news on the Hershey’s Chocolate front — there is no indication that this is a seasonal flavor, so HOPEFULLY we get to try this bar for some time to come!


You can go to the Walmart website to get your own Hershey’s Chocolate Bar With Salted Caramel Cookie Pieces. Stock up while you can. They sell out totally fast!


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