Home Depot Is Selling A Giant Grim Reaper That Breathes Fog That You Can Put In Your Yard For Halloween

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When it comes to Halloween at your front door, jack-o-lanterns and spiders are simply not enough decor.

Which is why thanks to The Home Depot, the front door can be completed with the animated Grim Reaper standing in your front yard.

Standing at 7 feet guarding the house on Halloween night, this Grim Reaper looks to catch souls all Halloween long.

Courtesy of The Home Depot

And if the height wasn’t an attention grabber, this grim reaper is also animatronic causing its arms, eyes, and jaw to look alive while standing guard.

Courtesy of The Home Depot

Scaring even the bravest of souls, the hunched back decor makes this Halloween character appear even more chilling at night, not to mention its glowing green eyes and the smoke coming from its mouth.

Courtesy of The Home Depot

Oh, and don’t be surprised if you hear a few sounds coming from this character because you know what they say, the monsters come alive on Halloween night.

Dressed in all black with yellow teeth and long fingers, the Grim Reaper will be the new greeter for your home come spooky season.

You can find the 7 foot grim reaper online at The Home Depot this Halloween season to dress your front yard.

Courtesy of The Home Depot

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