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Home Depot Has Kits That Let You Build Your Own Tiny House And They Are Incredible

Did you know you can get a little house kit from Home Depot, that lets you actually build and put together your own tiny house?

Courtesy of Home Depot

Don’t you love the tiny house movement? I swear, when I get old and gray, my husband and I will have a little house — maybe on one of my kids’ properties. Ha!

Courtesy of Home Depot

I’m not saying I’m talented enough to build my own house, but Home Depot has these tiny house kits. With a little direction, research, and perhaps a little outside help, even I could build my own tiny house. And, if I can do it, you certainly can too!

Courtesy of Home Depot

Home Depot has a bunch of different kits to choose from. Some are small, and some are larger. Some are considered sheds, some have bathrooms, some are just small pool house style kits. They all have one thing in common, though. They are totally adorable!

Courtesy of Home Depot

My favorite of the kits is called the Anorev, and it tops out at 285 square feet. It comes with TWO bedrooms, a tiny bathroom, and a common area. It even has a covered front porch, and I love it.

Courtesy of Home Depot

The Anorev runs about $18,500, and I’m not even going to PRETEND to understand all the specs on the tiny house — but they are all on, for you to check out and peruse.

Courtesy of Home Depot

It is probably important to note that the foundation is NOT included with these little homes.

Courtesy of Home Depot

If $18,500 is too rich for your blood, they also have something called the Allwood Claudia. This super-cute little house is less than $10K, and tops out at 209 square feet.

Courtesy of Home Depot

This little house is ADORABLE, but it doesn’t come with a bathroom. You’d have to live next to a main house that you could run to when nature calls.

Courtesy of Home Depot

You have GOT to get over to the Home Depot website, and check them out for yourself. If and when YOU decide to get your own tiny house kit, I better see pictures!

Oh, and people also seem to be finding tiny house kits like below. Awesome, right?


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