Did You Know That Honey Bees Hold Hands To Make Chains? Here’s Why.

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Sometimes nature is so amazing!

Check out these hunny bees. They are working together, hanging leg to leg, and spanning the distance between two honeycombs.

It’s kinda like they are holding hands, huh!!

The bees actually have little hooks on their legs, which lets them hang this way while holding on to the bees around them.

It looks like lacework, doesn’t it!

This phenomenon is known as FESTOONING, and nobody truly knows why honey bees do this.

There are plenty of theories, but they are just that — mere speculation.

We don’t have any solid proof as to why the bees do this.

Beekeepers — both recreational and professional — have their own ideas as to why the bees festoon.

Some say the bees are “measuring” the distance between frames, some say the structure acts like a scaffolding from which the bees build comb, some say bees can only produce wax from the festooning position.

Honey Bee Suite

Some people believe that these festoons make heat for the hive. Does this help with making wax? Nobody knows.

There is also another time when the bees festoon. The bees hang together in festoons and in large number outside of the hive in order to give room for the ventilation of the brood nest.

Bee Keep Club

Is there any actual factual solid evidence as to why the bees perform this death-defying, really cool behavior. Nope.

The ideas sound good, though. The bees are working together to accomplish SOMETHING!

Now, if you ask scientists, they will tell you that we just don’t know why bees festoon.

Scientists are no fun. I joke.

In a way, not knowing why they occur makes festoons all the more beautiful.

Honey Bee Suite

It is a known fact that bees must live and work in groups.

It is hard for a bee to make it on it’s own, and you will hardly ever see a single bee, doing it’s thing, all by itself.

We can actually learn a lot from bees. If only we, as humanity, could work together in such a beautiful way, maybe we could accomplish more.

Maybe we don’t need to festoon. That would just be a little weird. Ha!

But, we can work together in other more effective ways.

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