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These Horror Movie Buddhas Are Perfect For The Person Who Can’t Get Enough of Halloween

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That’s it, I’m fixen’ to go broke! Etsy is my addiction and with being at home so much I am constantly browsing and finding the coolest stuff EVER! These horror buddhas are just what I need in my life!


These are freaking AMAZING! They are a great size too! Michael Myers is 5 inches tall and approx 3 inches wide. Jason Voorhees is 5 inches tall and approx 3 inches wide. Freddy Krueger is 4 inches tall and approx 2.3 inches wide.


You have options when buying these! You can buy them where they are already painted as shown in the photos above. Or you can choose to get them unpainted and DIY them your way! The photo below was a DIY and I LOVE them!

Joanna Moncuse – Etsy Reviewer

Love them! Bought every one of the horror icons. Fast shipping, quick responses from the owner, and they’re really easy to paint if you get what DIY. Bought Jason for Christmas, and couldn’t help but buy the rest. I recommend both the seller and the products.

Joanna Moncuse – Etsy Reviewer

They are made of urethane resin and finished in matte acrylic paints with a clear matte protective coating.


You can get your own big belly buddha horror icons from TangentsAndTentacles on Etsy starting at only $22 for a DIY version. The price is a little bit higher for the finished ones. Even Michael loves his!


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