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Hostess Has Baby Bundt Cakes In Cinnamon Swirl And Lemon Drizzle Flavors And I Can’t Wait To Try Them

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Hostess has done it again! They’ve taken one of my favorite things and recreated it in miniature form!


I love bundt cake, however, I don’t like to make them. My husband actually bought a bundt cake pan for me like 2 years ago… that thing still hasn’t been used.

Hostess Baby Bundts are on the way and so far they will be released in two different flavors. Each mini bundt cake is individually wrapped, perfect for snacking on the go.


The Lemon Drizzle is the one I am seriously itching to try because lemon bundt cakes are my favorite! It’s a lemon bundt cake that has been drizzled with icing.


Hostess Lemon Drizzle Baby Bundts are the new perfect match to your morning coffee. A sweet twist on a familiar favorite, Lemon Drizzle Baby Bundts offer a delightful flavor with a joyful aroma the whole family will love.

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The other flavor is Cinnamon Swirl and it is made with a cinnamon bundt cake that is drizzled with white icing. I would totally grab this for a quick breakfast, don’t judge me.

Each box comes with 8 individually wrapped Baby Bundt Cakes. I can’t wait to find them locally!

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So far these have been listed on Meijer’s websites, but we haven’t found any information about when they will start arriving in other stores. So make sure you keep your eyes open in the snack aisles!

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