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Hot Chocolate Bomb Cups Are The Hot New Way To Drink Hot Chocolate. Here’s How To Make Them!

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The temperatures are rapidly dropping and hot chocolate has become a daily indulgence… don’t judge me, please.

Every night I am either enjoying a mug of hot tea, or hot chocolate to warm these cold tired bones of mine.

I love the Hot Chocolate Bombs that everyone makes, but now there are Hot Chocolate Bomb Cups and they look amazing!


A TikTok user that goes by @ruewanah posted the adorable mini Hot Chocolate Bomb Cups on TikTok and people wanted a tutorial.


Thankfully she obliged and now we can all make our own Hot Chocolate Bomb Cups at home!

She uses a small cup and 2 types of chocolate and it’s filled with hot cocoa mix.


Then she tops the cups with mini marshmallows and even adds a stick of peppermint to make a handle for dipping!

These would seriously make wonderful Christmas gifts for friends and family!

How To Make Hot Chocolate Bomb Cups


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Small shot size plastic cups
  • Melted chocolate (you can use more than one type)
  • Hot cocoa powder
  • Peppermint sticks or small candy canes
  • Miniature marshmallows
  • Tape
  • Scissors

First, you’ll need to cut a slit down the side of your cups and then tape it back shut.


Pour in your melted chocolate so that it coats the sides of the cup.


Once the chocolate has set you can take the tape off and gently remove your chocolate cup from the inside.


The next step is to fill the chocolate cups with the hot cocoa mix, and then add a layer of melted chocolate on top to seal it in.


Before the top layer of chocolate has a chance to set, add your peppermint stick or small candy cane and also add the mini marshmallows so that they stick in the melted chocolate.

Put them aside until the chocolate is firmly set.


To use these fun little Hot Chocolate Bomb Cups, just dip them in a mug of heated milk and allow them to melt open, stir and enjoy!

You can watch the Hot Chocolate Bomb Cup tutorial she posted on TikTok here!

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