You Can Get Hot Tamales Peeps Just In Time for Easter

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I love spicy. Now, whether or not my stomach can handle it, that is another story.

None of that matters though, because I just found out that You Can Get Hot Tamales Peeps Just In Time for Easter! Peeps is truly wanting to spice things up this year.

Instagram @junkfoodmom

Yes, those crazy cute little, colorful marshmallow chicks are now making their way to spice train

While Peeps has made all sorts of crazy flavors, this might be the craziest.

What’s next? Flamin’ Hot Flavored Peeps (okay, that actually sounds pretty good).

The bottom line is, if you like spicy and you like marshmallows, this new Easter treat will be right up your alley.

According to Instagram @junkfoodmom, these Hot Tamales Peeps are bright red with “just a whisper of flavor”.

What she means is, it has a subtle hint of the cinnamon flavor of Hot Tamales which is good for people like me that get upset stomaches with spicy but could be disappointing for those that want more of that FIERCE CINNAMON TASTE.


If you are intrigued like I am, these have been spotted at Kroger already so head there to see if you can find them!

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