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You Can Get A Mattel Hot Wheels Advent Calendar That’ll Put You On The Fast Track To The Holidays

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I’ve been checking out Advent calendars for my grandson, and he is obsessed with cars and trucks.

I saw this and knew he would love it, but he will have to wait one more year before we can buy this one for him since he just turned 2.


The Hot Wheels advent calendar is appropriate for ages 3 and up due to some of the small accessories.

Any car lover would love to have this Christmas advent calendar to count down to Christmas with.


It has a Christmas themed package and there are 24 windows and each one contains a daily Hot Wheels-themed surprise!


Just open the first window on day one of December and start your countdown to Christmas with Hot Wheels, then each day open the corresponding window for a surprise.


Advent calendars are such a fun and exciting way to countdown to Christmas.

Amazing product, really great option instead of choclate or alongside for any Hot Wheels fan. Accessories to attach to cars work really well and not just cheap plastic rubbish.

Kyle Fraser

I know some adults that would love this Hot Wheels advent calendar as well, I mean do we ever truly grow up all of the way?


The Hot Wheels Christmas advent calendar contains 8 decorated Hot Wheels vehicles and 16 accessories.


It even comes with a foldout playmat so that kids can fire up their imagination while playing with their new toys.

You can order the Hot Wheels Christmas Advent Calendar on Amazon for the best December ever!

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