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This House Decorates For Halloween With Elaborate Disney Decor and It’s Pure Magic

My favorite part of the Holiday season is always the Christmas lights. The more your house looks like the Griswold house from Christmas Vacation, the better!!

NOW, you can see a HUGE Halloween light display, and I wish I lived near Burbank, CA — ’cause that’s where it is!!

I mean, this light display rivals (and wins) ANY Christmas light display. You have to check this out. It is a personal property — someone’s house — who has decorated for Halloween BIG TIME.

Apparently, they do this a lot. Back in May, they decorated their yard like The Jungle Cruise at Disneyland just to make everyone smile during the thick of this crazy time. It was AMAZING!!

NOW, their Halloween display is themed like Fantasmic, and I. Love. It!!

Have you seen Fantasmic at Disneyland or Walt Disney World? It is only the most AMAZING nighttime spectacular EVER!! It features Mickey Mouse in a villainous nightmare. Spoiler Alert — Mickey defeats all the villains — and I cry Every. Single. Time.

Well, this house in Burbank has gone above and beyond, totally decorating their yard like a scene right out of the Fantasmic show. I’m talking Mickey, Maleficent, a Dragon, smoke, lights, and all kinds of sounds.

There is even a person dressed as a wizard, that comes out and greets the onlookers, and it is the coolest!

Courtesy of Holiday Fantasies Come To Life

You can follow this decorated house on Facebook at Holiday Fantasies Come To Life.

If you are in the area, and want to stop by, according to Facebook, the house is located at N. Valley St. in Burbank, California. If you go, you BETTER take pictures. I want to see them ALL!!