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I Just Learned How Taco Bell Makes Their Cinnamon Twists and Now My Life Is Ruined

Taco Bell’s famous and fluffy cinnamon twists have never been so easy to make, considering this sweet snack is really made from raw pasta!

Courtesy of Taco Bell

Taco Bell has us fooled, and while we all thought the fast food eatery was low key a five star dessert restaurant, there is a reason why it’s called fast food folks.

Courtesy of @bigdriftys

Employees from the Bell have recently exposed the workplace on TikTok after several videos have gone viral showing how the popular fast food place really cooks their famous cinnamon twists!

Courtesy of @amandaverbryke

Mind blowing videos on TikTok show the sugary, cinnamon snack starting off as plain pasta, specifically Rotini; you know the one, the deep blue box right next to the bow ties alongside the angel hair in the pasta aisle.

Courtesy of @bigdriftys

After frying for about 40 seconds in the deep fryer, the noodles float to the top, expand into their iconic fluffy form, placed into a large tub and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar!

Courtesy of @bigdriftys

While thousands of TikTok users were quick to try the recipe at home, Taco Bell has set the record straight.

Courtesy of @tacobell

“While our Cinnamon Twists may have the shape of rotini, you won’t get very far frying traditional pasta at home,” Taco Bell tells Delish: “The twists are a mixture of wheat flour, yellow corn meal, rice flour and salt.

Taco Bell
Courtesy of @tacobell

So while the dine-in and drive-thru eatery says the dessert is not made from the traditional pasta you might find in grocery stores, people are still amazed that the o.g. dessert starts off looking like an Italian dish!

Bon Appétit!

Courtesy of @tacobell