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How To Make A Cheer Bucket


So I googled, “How to Make a Cheer Bucket” and came up with about two hits.

Craap. That meant I was on my own. Turns out, though– they’re not all that difficult. You just hit the after homecoming sales, pick up some cute dangly football stuff and some cute cheerleader stickers– grab some fuzzy boa material and some of that cute colored/patterned duct tape, and you’re good to go.

First things first– you need a bucket. You can find these at wal-mart and I went with green because– hey that’s the team color– why not?

Then take some of that duct tape and tale around the bottom. It’s harder than it looks, because the bucket isn’t straight– now take your boa, wrap it around the top, and tie some super cute football mum things to it.

For the top, we just used a bandana and a piece of round foam, my husband drilled holes in the bucket lid and tied the bandana together underneath the lid.

As for the handle– that’s just tulle, various ribbons, and christmas tinsel tied in knots.

Pretty easy if you ask me!

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