How To Properly Trim Your Bangs At Home

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I get it. You’re at home, you’re bored, you’re trying to find something to do.

You begin to get irritated by the simplest things — including your hair.

I know the frustration, but have you REALLY considered what you’re about to do?


If you insist on cutting your own hair, there are a few rules that will make your outcome a little better — hopefully.

FIRST OF ALL — spend some quality time REALLY considering what you are doing? Can you maybe wait for your hairdresser to open back up?

If you totally CAN’T wait for your hairdresser, proceed with caution.

How To Properly Trim Your Bangs At Home


You have to have SHARP scissors, with POINTED tips to get the job done correctly. You might want to hit up Amazon, to get a pair that will be appropriate for cutting your hair.

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Be careful, because these scissors will be SHARP. I speak from experience when I say, you will easily nick an ear or a finger before you even know you’ve done it.

Next, you want to style your hair like you normally would. That means you need DRY hair for this.

Do not PULL on your hair, or mash it down on your forehead. And, for the love of GOD, don’t cut across in a straight line.

You want to take the SHARP, POINTED scissors, and cut UP into your bangs a little bit at a time, and in small sections. Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT cut straight across!

This allows you to control the hair you are cutting, and it won’t look like you used a ruler to cut your hair. It will give your bangs a more flattering, tapered look, and that is what you really want.

To Sum Up How To Cut Your Bangs At Home

  1. Use SHARP pointed scissors. In a pinch, grooming shears will work.
  2. Dry and Style your hair.
  3. DO NOT hold your hair against your forehead, or pull down on your bangs.
  4. Do NOT cut straight across, but instead, cut UP into your bangs in little sections

Here is a video to help guide you. Good luck!

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