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How To Use ChatGPT For Everyday Things Like Meal Planning And Help With Work

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We have all heard the stories that you can use ChatGPT for things like writing papers for school and doing work projects.

But, you can also use it for everyday things — like meal plans and vacations — and I’m not even joking when I say, “Holy Crap!!”

Where has this thing been all my life?!?

I’d never really delved into the world of ChatGPT. I thought it was going to be a bit too overwhelming and techy for me.

But, then I heard you could do things like make a meal plan using ChatGPT. I — and y’all — this is legit life changing!

I’m serious. You have to just go try it.

How Do You Use ChatGPT To Make Meal Plans?

Now, I’m pretty picky when it comes to eating, so I didn’t have high hopes going into it.

But, y’all. Game Changer!

First, it’s important to give it as much information as you can. The more it has to work with, the better results you’re going to get.

If you have certain dietary restrictions, dietary needs, food likes and dislikes, or nutrition goals type them into the “Message.”

I was just experimenting, and typed in, “Meal Plan. 2 Meals and 3 snacks per day. 85 Grams of protein. Vegetarian. Low carbs.”

My expectations were not high.

What I got in response was THE BEST meal plan I’ve ever seen.

It started as an experiment, but I’m seriously going to use the suggested meal plan.


How Do You Use ChatGPT To Plan A Vacation?

Once again, Game Changer!

I am planning a surprise 16th birthday trip to Disney World for my daughter.

Leave it to ChatGPT to make my life easier!

I typed in “5 Cheapest Restaurants At Disney World” — not having high expectations.

Y’all. I already know from experience where the cheap restaurants are, but I just wanted to see what ChatGPT could do. It did not disappoint!

It spit back 5 of the most inexpensive and tasty restaurants on property, telling me what kind of food they served, and where they are located.


I then asked ChatGPT to tell me the 5 attractions with the shortest wait times, and it immediately gave me 5 attractions that are historically great for low wait times.

Then, I was curious what else ChatGPT could do, so I typed in “5 family-friendly vacation destinations.”

Ask, and ye shall get the answers for which you inquire!!


Go there. Go to ChatGPT and ask it all your vacation questions.

Now, it can’t give you realtime information — like flight details — but it will tell you where you can go to find the information.

How Do You Use ChatGPT To Make A Financial Plan?

I will admit. I have a little bit of a problem spending money online. Like, I need help.

While ChatGPT can’t keep me from spending so much dang money on places like Amazon and Temu, it can help me with ideas to save my money instead of throwing it out the window on stupid things.

Now, it won’t give particulars like, “Put $300 per month in savings, and quit spending $5,923 online per month,” it will give you ideas on how to better allocate your money.


How Do You Use ChatGPT To Help With Work?

Now, obviously I write for a living.

Sometimes — like, daily — I get a bit of writer’s block, and literally can’t think of anything to say.

Enter ChatGPT.

You can ask it things like, “5 Writing prompts for cleaning your house,” and it will spit out 5 ideas that will get your brain started.

I have no idea what you do for a living, but give it a try. ChatGPT can give you general information that might kick-start that work idea that you’ve been stuck on.


How Do You Get Started On ChatGPT?

You simply head on over to the ChatGPT website.

Sure, you have to sign up — put in your name, birthday, and telephone number. Just bite the bullet and do it.

You will not be disappointed.

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