Here’s How Zoos Prepare and Protect Animals During A Hurricane

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Humans aren’t the only species that need to take cover during hurricanes, but animals too.

While humans may hide in the basement during strong winds and rain, apparently zoo animals take shelter in the bathroom.

A recent video on TikTok has gone viral after showing how one zoo sheltered their animals before the devastation from Hurricane Ian hit the state.

@staugalligatorfarm (St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park) located in St. Augustine Florida, recorded the precautions they took to make sure the animals were safe during the recent hurricane.

Following their own standard protocol, this zoo showed a Stork being temporarily placed in the guest bathroom for safety.

After reassuring their TikTok audience that this Stork has done this before during inclement weather, the cranes and vultures were also placed in guest bathrooms for protection from the storm too.

A giant log and water bowl were secured in the bathroom to accommodate the large creature as well during its temporary stay.

Not to mention specific staff members volunteered to check on the animals during the storm to make sure all was well.

After Hurricane Ian passed, the zoo updated their followers (old and new), to let the public know that all of their animals as well as their staff were safe from the hurricane!

Even the alligators were out sunbathing again.

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