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Hugh Jackman Is Only Wearing Boots In This New Commercial And It Is Everything

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Oh, Hugh, this is just downright hilarious! It was totally the laugh I needed. Life has been full of sadness lately and a good laugh does wonders for the soul.

R.M. Williams

The new commercial is for Australia’s famous boot company called R.M. Williams. They make leather boots like cowboy style boots and stuff. Apparently in the commercial, Hugh misunderstood the company’s endorsers policy that says “Wear Only…” pertaining to the footwear.

He is shown in the commercial completely naked except for the boots. No shirt, no pants, no underwear y’all! Straight up naked in some cowboy boots! It’s truly a sight to behold haha!

Australia is way more relaxed with things and we would never have a commercial like this here in the states. However, thanks to the internet I can show it to you below! Don’t worry, the special bits are blurred and concealed so you won’t get caught watching anything too naughty.

R.M. Williams

Of course, Ryan Reynolds was quick to respond to Hugh when he saw the commercial.

If you didn’t know, the two of them have a hilarious internet feud where they poke at each other every chance they get. Just check out their twitter feeds to jump in on that fun! It’s been going on for like 2 years now!

Watch the Hugh Jackman boot commercial below. I hope it makes your day better! You might be able to snag a few screenshots for your computer wallpaper or something ha! Enjoy!

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