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A ‘Hunger Games’ Prequel Movie Is In The Works and I’m So Excited

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I’m super excited about this! This book series is one of my favorites and I loved every single movie that came from it.

Francis Lawrence is returning to bring us another fabulous movie!

Lionsgate is bringing Lawrence back to direct the Hunger Games prequel, ‘The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes’.


Yeah, I’ve definitely been talking to Suzanne about it, and to Lionsgate about it. It’s something I would absolutely love to do.

Lawrence told PEOPLE Now

This movie will be based on the book by Suzanne Collins. It will follow the younger version of Hunger Games President Coriolanus Snow. However, in this one, he gets to be the hero.


Screenwriter Michael Arndt and producer Nina Jacobson will both be returning for this movie as well. They both worked on all four of the previous Hunger Games movies.

Lionsgate has always been the cinematic home of The Hunger Games, and I’m delighted to be returning to them with this new book.

Suzanne Collins

Right now I don’t have any dates to give you. We have to wait until we hear more but for now, we know it is happening! Ahhhh!

The grand staircase up to the Academy could hold the entire student body, so it easily accommodated the stream of officials, professors, and students headed for the reaping day festivities. Coriolanus climbed it slowly, attempting a casual dignity in case he caught anyone’s eye. People knew him—or at least they had known his parents and grandparents—and there was a certain standard expected of a Snow. This year, beginning this very day, he was hoping to achieve personal recognition as well. Mentoring in the Hunger Games was his final project before graduating from the Academy in midsummer. If he gave an impressive performance as a mentor, with his outstanding academic record, Coriolanus should be awarded a monetary prize substantial enough to cover his tuition at the University.

courtesy of EW

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