I Soft-Launched My Separation via My Newsletter 

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Being online all out and loud means a lot of times, even when your life isn’t sunshine and rainbows— you need it to be. 

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I stopped working as much with companies and stuff just because they wouldn’t let me say and do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, and that was hard, because I’m really trying to be more authentically me, now that my daughter is out of the house and it’s not quite as embarrassing for her. 

But there’s one thing I’ve always been scared to write about, and that’s my love life. 

I don’t know why, it just didn’t feel right to put it out there online for everyone to know that my marriage wasn’t the perfection that you all thought it was. 

But here’s the thing, this is a part of life. Relationships ebb and flow, and sometimes they even come to an end, which is what I think is happening to mine right now. (I’m still in a bit of denial— but that’s another story for another time.) 

And I don’t think it’s fair not to talk about this part of my life, because if we are going to ride off into the sunset of perimenopause together, then ima do it with it all hanging out. 

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So yeah… I’ve been soft launching the impending end of my marriage via hints in my newsletter here and there but I haven’t just come out and said it. 


I still can’t type it. 

But yeah. That. 

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  1. You took one step I haven’t taken any, be proud. No need to rush anything let it unfold naturally. Change is hard but necessary…happiness will always find you.

  2. Going through it too. Been 2 years and I still struggle to say it out loud. Stay strong.