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‘Ice Cream Nachos’ Are The Hot New Food Trend for Summer and Count Us In

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Anyone who knows me, knows that ice cream…is for me. I LOVE ice cream. I eat it almost every day!

Every single time I have logged onto TikTok lately, posts are popping up about ice cream nachos. It’s like they understand me…

Let me break it down: so with regular nachos, you have your chips and then usually some salsa, queso, sour cream, and other fun things to top it with or dip it in. So just imagine the ice cream equivalent…

WAFFLE CONE CHIPS. I’m drooling. So you pick your ice creams and toppings and then get waffle cone chips to dip with. This is GENIUS.

These are trending like CRAZY on social media, and for good reasons. They’re also starting to pop up in restaurants everywhere…for good reason.

Now I just have to find some near me, because I HAVE to try this. As an avid ice cream lover, this is officially a necessity for me. And I want to kiss whoever came up with this idea.

What are your thoughts on this masterpiece? Not for you? Also trying to find where they sell some near you? Let us know in the comments!

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