This Ice Cream Truck Inflatable Pool Is The Cutest Way to Keep Kids Cool This Summer

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An ice cream cone with two scoops is a popular dessert during the dog days of summer.

Number one being because it keeps kids cool in the summer and two being its delectably delicious!

Considering ice cream is a common treat after dinner during the summer season, this ice cream truck pool will keep the kids cool even without running to the ice parlor.

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Introducing the inflatable ice cream truck pool that looks like the ice cream truck that sings tunes in neighborhoods, this blowup pool also features a play center aside from the cool design.

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With a theme that centers around the dairy dessert, the play center packs several more summer activities to keep kids occupied other than just swimming and splashing in the pool.

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Including a banana split ball game, a cone toss with inflatable doughnut rings and a built-in sprayer, the colorfully decorated mini pool will be the highlight of summer fun!

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With an ice cream truck backboard as the centerpiece of the pool, this inflatable might just be the new backyard designated pool!

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You can find the 5-in-1 ice cream themed inflatable pool online at Amazon for a cool summer!

Courtesy of Amazon

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