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IHOP Is Dropping An Entire New Fall And Halloween Menu And I Need To Try Everything

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I already love IHOP as it is! Breakfast food is my absolute favorite!!!

Now they have dropped their fall menu for this year, and I’m salivating a bit. Ok, a lot!

Um, I’ll have one of everything please! There are SIX new items to enjoy and I don’t even know where to start!!!


Fine, let’s start with what HAS to be the fan favorites. There’s, of course, the return of the pumpkin spice pancakes, which I have to admit…I have never had! And the Reese’s Pieces pancakes?! My poor waistline.


Then we have a Caramel Apple A La Mode Pancakes, which I’ll admit wouldn’t be the first I’ve tried, but that’s just because I’m not big on apples. But it still looks delicious!


You can get a Peanut Butter Cup Cocoa, which sounds innovative, but at the same time I’m wondering why I haven’t been sticking peanut butter in my cocoa. The Monster Mummy Burrito scares me a bit, yes also intrigues me…


And for you kiddos, you can get them a scary face pancake, complete with candy corn for teeth! But let’s face it…I’m getting one for myself. Which is your favorite?

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